Why We Love Fall on Cape Cod

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Summer is always going to be the signature time to visit Cape Cod, but over the last 20 years, and especially the last 5, September and October have been gearing up to give summer a run for its money! Though the mornings and evenings are definitely sweatshirt weather here at the Corsair and Cross Rip, we’ve been seeing more and more people booking through September and have started staying open later and later into October each year. Why are so many people choosing the late “shoulder season” to stay? We decided to do a little research and figure it out:
1.) Smaller Crowds
Almost as if on cue, the crowds and traffic start to thin out immediately after Labor Day. With shorter lines at popular restaurants, faster travel times up and down Route 6 and in many cases, no more beach stickers needed for parking, the fall is definitely the time for those that truly love Cape Cod. If you want to spend some time trying a new beach, exploring the miles and miles of conservation lands and trails across Cape Cod or trying the hottest new restaurant in town, take a weekend and come down to Cape Cod! We suggest sleeping in, heading for one of our area’s wonderful brunches (many add them specially for the fall!) and hitting Mayflower Beach a little after midday. Try and time your arrival for low tide, where you can walk for almost a mile collecting sand dollars and marveling at the tidal fluctuations. Wrap your day up with some dinner at Fin, one of the Cape’s most cutting edge restaurants, located right next to the Cape Cinema. Head back to the resort, throw on a sweatshirt and look up at the stars from our private beach. Chances are, you may have the beach to yourself! The National Seashore is also worth a visit in the fall, especially during the late afternoon and sunset hours, as you can see vistas and hues you just don’t see during the summer months. If you’v got a little extra gas left in the tank, head up to Provincetown and experience the town in a different way! With no crowds, you’ll be able to pop in and out of Commercial Street’s best shops and cafés all day long, and don’t forget to take advantage of their SALES!
2.) Fall Festivals
Think there’s nothing to do on Cape Cod once it gets to cold to sit on the beach? Think again! Fall is when we throw our parties here on Cape Cod. We’ll find an excuse to celebrate anything, from the Truro Agricultural Fair to the Eastham Turnip Festival, up the cape to the Scallop Fest, back down the Cape for the Cranberry Festival, back to Falmouth for the Cape Cod Brew Fest and last but not least, to Wellfleet for the incredible Wellfleet Oyster Festival. Basically, we’ll find any excuse to throw a party! These festivals have grown year after year and include some of the best food, music, drink and artists and crafters from around the region. If you had been looking for a reason to try one of our incredible fall rates to come back to the peninsula, you could do worse than planning a weekend around one of our many festivals. They’re a great chance to blend in and hobnob with the locals – we’re a fun crowd!
If you’re looking for dates, info and other useful items, give our front desk a call, they’d be happy to help! We recommend getting to the festivals early for great parking and, if you plan to partake in some adult refreshments, book a taxi or an Uber back to the hotel. 
3.) Deals, Deals, Deals Everywhere!
If you’ve ever dreamed of spending the day at one of our region’s premier spas, taking a tip over to the islands to take in the clay cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard or the cobblestone streets of Nantucket, the time to do it is now! Many places, us included, offer incredible offseason rates that are often 1/4-1/2 what the same deal would run peak season. Amenities closed to the public during the season – like the Chatham Bars Inn spa – are often open to visitors during this time of the year, allowing you to spend a day in the lap of luxury at reduced rates. Both islands are virtually deserted by the last weekend in September, leaving you time to explore at your own pace and catch the last ferry home. Our Cape Explore package, offered through October 17th, offers two round trip ferry tickets to either island along with Deluxe or Superior accommodations and a host of other amenities including a cold breakfast buffet, guided Bass River cruises and more for under $400/family for a three nights stay.
4.) Food!
If you thought we could make it through a blog post or e-newsletter without talking about food…well you were wrong. Many area restaurants are starting to roll out their fall menus, featuring items such as pumpkin, brussel sprouts, hearty root vegetables, fresh bay scallops, short ribs and other delicious, hearty meals. With the smaller crowds, Cape Cod’s chefs tend to flex their culinary muscles, taking more chances and delivering some memorable meals, often at a prix fixe or reduced rate over what they would be during the summer! Tasting menus, wine dinners and tapas start popping up everywhere and as locals, we just can’t get enough of them. Our neighbors at the Ocean House are putting the finishing touches on the first of their fall menus and with some of the best sunsets around, it’s hard to beat. Blackfish, the Brewster Fish House, the Oyster Company and other restaurants from Bourne to Provincetown are rolling out the culinary welcome mat for diners. Our advice? Spend the day out doors or exploring a museum (give the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History a shot) then hop on TripAdvisor or Google to find the closest restaurant that suits your fancy. With Cape Cod’s booming culinary scene, it’s hard to go wrong!

If any of these gets you excited, give us a call! We’d love to host you. We’re open through at least October 17th this year so come on down and enjoy the shoulder season.

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